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Home Renovation Brisbane

for Jane Pines
- December 20th 2020
Creative Renovations

A whole new feel for your home

Jane was getting bored of how her house looked. The white wallpaper was peeling off the walls and her family was coming over for Christmas so she wanted to impress them (especially her mother).

She was running out of time and luckily a friend recommended us. We quickly took down some old walls and replastered sections that were damaged, old or mouldy.

To finish, we renovated the living room - painting it beige - creating a warmer more comfortable feel for the entire home. We consulted on and installed new drapes, carpets, couches and decor to completely upgrade the theme of Jane's house.

The work was finished before Christmas and Jane's family adored the new feel of her home. Apparently, her mother even made a special comment.